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KARNATAKA - will be releasing a single and want you to be in the music video - read on to find out more.


Hi everyone,

We hope you’re all well and keeping safe in these challenging times. At the beginning of the lockdown we started writing a new song for the next album, and as we’ve continued to work on the song it seems to capture how many of us are feeling right now, so, we thought we’d do a very un-Karnataka thing and try and record/release the track in a short space of time – with the added challenge of us all recording our parts remotely. We’ll release the track for free and invite anyone who downloads it to consider making a donation to a charity that rewards health, care and other frontline workers. We’ll add some links to show you where you can donate.

HERES WHERE YOU COME IN! We would love for you all to be part of the creative process and join us in the experience!

HOW CAN YOU HELP? We’d like to release the track with a music video and invite you to be part of it! We’re going to keep this very simple! Your video clip can be filmed on phones or any device to hand – If you’d like to be featured and be part of the video just send an email with the subject ’Karnataka video’, and a line to say you would like to be in the video, to by Friday 1st May and we’ll get back to you with details.

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