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Second Chance Single release

Second Chance is the new tasty single release by Sertari bringing a new blend of live and electric sounds as well as those power soul vocals. Sertari has recorded this song at the Mayfield Studio where she collaborated with Dominic Elton studio owner who performs keys on the track. Drummer and producer Benjamin K produced the track to give it that Sertari feel and sound we have all grown to love and here we have a great new track ready to hit your ears.

With Guitars from our very own Alex Canadine and Ben Jinks our Bass player who joined us in 2017 to bring some live bass to the stage.

Whats next: well a lot has been happening here at Sertari HQ as well as some breaking news that Sertari will be fronting the band Karnataka as their new lead singer - But don't worry she will not stop putting out her music and working on several new releases.

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