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"great new single “Teardrops” from an outstanding artist by the name of Sertari. Her voice will feed you with its sensuality and the production on this one is superb. Pick it up now! Bravo!!!"

"Her single “Teardrops” showcases a blanket of beautiful synth melodies, as well as some really uplifting lead vocals, with all the hooks in the right places. With a name that reminds me of some ancient Goddess, Sertari blends electro, pop and rock in a soulful and powerful way. Her lyrics are meaningful and thought-provoking, and the vibes of this particular single remind me of some of Robyn or Coldplay’s latest work, but with a more direct rock vibe."



Lyrically and sonically, Sertari's song 'Teardrops' is both refreshing and pleasant. Listening to her music I am reminded that peace

does still exist."

J. Ivy - Grammy Award

Winning US Artist

"Sertari’s most distinctive aspect is probably the sheer beauty of her direct, soulful and highly emotional vocals. Her brand new unplugged EP highlights these qualities more than ever before.Acoustic songs are, by nature, more stripped-down and minimal, only relying on a few elements to fulfil a broad range of expressivity. This is where Sertari truly shines. Her vocals have enough room to take the main place under the spotlight and they interplay beautiful with the acoustic guitar melodies. This EP is all about capturing beautiful, organic and natural performances, and I just couldn’t think of a better idea to fully highlight the singer’s incredible range and tonal diversity. I can only imagine how good these songs will sound within a live setting!"

Anyone who saw Sertari perform will know that she’s pretty special. Her mix of pop, rock and electro have won her a legion of fans across the UK and an even bigger audience in her family’s native Cyprus. She was one of the star performers at the summer festivals and is a regular draw at venues in Portsmouth, Brighton and Guildford.”


Paul Ferguson - The Herald

“It really is only a matter of time before Sertari is the name muttered from every mouth. Talented beyond measure and a unique and diverse performer, she has amassed a major following within the UK and other parts of Europe. #Beinspired”


InSpire Magasine

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