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Well it's definitely new times head for Sertari, earlier this year Sertari went to audition to become the new lead vocalist for prog rock band Karnataka.

'I love this genre of music always have however never had the opportunity to do it. I was first introduced to the genre by my Norwegian friend who showed me 'Nemo' by Nightwish, That's it, I was hooked! but if I'm honest I love all music I listen to every thing and I think this is why I have been lucky enough to work with so many bands in all sorts of projects from dance music collaborations, hip hop to a four part harmony singing group. Most weekends I'm singing live at venues all over performing various songs so I am very excited about being the new lead singer for Karnataka and I am up to the challenge!

When I met Ian it was lovely to speak about lyrics as we shared similarities with song content it was almost like someone was reading my mind! I cant wait to hear whats install for the future as well as write with the band and share ideas and so happy to be part of the Karnataka family - Everyone has been very welcoming and I hope I can live up to the expectations of the band and the fans.

I look forward to seeing you all at a future Karnataka gig :)

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